"Basic Mental Health Training"

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health education to learn the signs/symptoms of someone in crisis and to get them help.  Often called the "CPR course for the Mind" and while a serious subject this highly informative, the interactive class is lively and enjoyable.


Over a 2 million in the US have taken the "Mental Health First Aid"  training. It is evidence based public education for anyone over 18 years old and offered in two basic versions, Adults Caring/Working with Youth, and the Adult with Adults. There also tailored classes for those in, and/or working with Rural Communities, Public Safety, Veterans/Military, Elders, EMS, Universities/Colleges, and for the Work Place.

Continuing Education Credit for many professions, including Nurses, Pharmacists, and others.


How to Start the Conversation

The Awkward Conversation

National Council for Behavioral Health

Conversations about mental health don't have to be awkward. Learn how to respond when someone tells you they're not okay at www.MentalHealthFirstAid.org.


Mental Wellness in the Work Place

Healthy Minds & Productive



Indian Lake Schools Mental Health First Aid Staff Training

Colourful Pile of Old Books


Grants for Public Libraries and Schools

The State Library is pleased to announce the availability of Ohio LSTA funds to support Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training and/or Gatekeeper training for Ohio public libraries.  Under this special program, public libraries may request up to $4,999 in federal funds to provide Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, or Gatekeeper training to staff and/or community organizations.  If you believe your staff, patrons and community would benefit from Mental Health First Aid training, find more information here.

We can help apply for the and with an award handle the training planning/coordination. The funds could be used to train library staff , and work to offer  schools, churches and other organizations



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