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Mindful Minds focuses in helping organizations coordinate and conduct Mental Health First Aid/Gatekeeper training. Our goals are to make easy and inexpensive for organizations to offer our training programs, and for students to gain valuable health knowledge.

We are Nationally Certified Instructors by the National Council of Behavioral Health, and have helped train over 700 Certified Mental Health First Aider's through 23 classroom workshops in the last 18 months. 

Our services include, training program selection, subcontracting and coordination with other organizations and instructors. All of which provides Instruction,  promotion, logistics, materials/manual sourcing, training facilitation. 

This often involves working with local County Mental Health Boards, related mental health organizations/coalitions, and other area training Instructors.  

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Free Mental Health First Aid training and reimbursed child care in Ohio

Training for our Ohio Guard, Reserves, Vets, their families, and communities


Serious topics but highly informative Interactive training to learn to take care of your mental health and in mental need/crisis.

A Happier, Healthier You


BE a Training Sponsor/Host

Organizations can work with Mindful Minds to promote and host training for their associates and others FREE!

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WANTED: Mental Health First Aid Instructors

Contract FEES and Mileage $'s to Instruct

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Grants for Public Libraries and Schools

The State Library is pleased to announce the availability of Ohio LSTA funds to support Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training and/or Gatekeeper training for Ohio public libraries.  Under this special program, public libraries may request up to $4,999 in federal funds to provide Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, or Gatekeeper training to staff and/or community organizations.  If you believe your staff, patrons and community would benefit from Mental Health First Aid training, find more information here.

We can help apply for the and with an award handle the training planning/coordination. The funds could be used to train library staff , and work to offer  schools, churches and other organizations