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 Ohio Senate testimony in support of Mental Health Education and Suicide Prevention Awareness 

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Congress gets serious about Mental Wellness Education

We had the opportunity to discuss with Ohio Senator Rob Portman the importance of mental health education this week. Senator Portman supported increasing the funding to $20 million for Mental Health First Aid training in the recently passed US Budget. The Mental Health First Aid class is often called the the "The CPR course for your Mind".

This is interactive training where everyone can learn to take care of their own mental health and to help others who could be in crisis with addiction and or, at risk of suicide.

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Youth Mental Wellness Training

Indian Lake School leaders continue their commitment to mental health education for students with the Red Flag Program this week.
Over a three-day period, juniors and seniors in the ILHS College and Career Readiness class are learning the social/emotional curriculum recommended by the Ohio Attorney General's Office. Local and national mental health trainers are using the Red Flag Program to help students understand that mental illness is just like a physical illness, despite the societal stigmas attached.
Logan-Champaign County Mental Health Board representatives and statewide mental health advocates Steve and Deb Terrill helped present information to students concerning symptoms of depression, signs someone is seriously considering suicide, and the negative language surrounding mental illness.
Terrill says, “I think they’ll see that it’s ok not to be ok. And it’s ok to get help. It’s also ok to help someone else.”

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