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A suite of personalized Interactive Simulated conversation modules for families about mental health and suicide prevention.

Kognito Health Education Simulation



A game-based simulation for adolescents that builds awareness, knowledge, and skills about mental health while reducing stigma. It prepares youth to recognize signs of distress, reach out to a friend they are concerned about, and help identify a trusted adult for support.


Family of Heroes

An interactive role-play simulation for military families that builds their skills to lead real-life conversations with their veteran about improving family cohesion, employment, and if necessary, the need to seek professional help for PTSD, TBI, depression, or thoughts of suicide.

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Try It

Kognito and the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation allows you free secure online access.


Select "Resources" and either the "Family of Heros" or "Friend to Friend" module then enter "" as the password. Next have your own 30 minute Interactive private conversation

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